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Buddhism, over the past centuries, has influenced the western world with its exceptional approach to life, wisdom, and mankind. Today, it is as popular in the west as the east, and here are the instances of the same. If you are a believer or a researcher of this religion, you must know that the influence of Buddhism has made a significant impact on the western world. Now, let us know about Buddhism in the West in detail.

What Is Impact Of Buddhism In The West
What Is Impact Of Buddhism In The West
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Until the modern era, the evidence of Buddhism practiced in the west were rare. However, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Buddhism entered the western world with the arrival of the immigrants. In the USA, the presence of Buddhism was more evident during this time. These immigrants were coming from China, Japan, and some of the other countries in Southeast Asia.

During the 1960s and early seventies, Buddhism became a subject of research among the intellectuals in the western world. A new trend emerged among young people to find new forms of religious expression. Along with this, many Japanese and Tibetan Buddhist scholars went to western countries to preach religion among the mass. D.T. Suzuki is one of the pioneer scholars among them. After the Chinese conquest of Tibet in 1959, many Tibetan Buddhist teachers moved to the west for preaching religion.

Community Life In Society

The Buddhist practice is deeply associated with the belief of community life in a society. It is evident from the tradition that the monks have developed a unique symbiotic relationship with the community. Though this relationship has evolved from the olden days to today, it has remained the significant attribute of forming the Buddhist society. According to Buddhism, the community life brings peace and harmony in society, reflecting from the individuals. It is the concept that attracted the western thinkers and scholars to research about the Buddhist religion.

Elements Of Buddhism In The West

The most exciting part of Buddhist practice is its elements, which makes an individual enlightened. Meditation, ritual activity, and teaching are the core elements of this religion. To practice the same in an organized way, they have introduced the monastery, where students learn about life and religion from the monks. Living apart from the worldly concerns, the monks and nuns find an ultimate solace in their organic living. This is the second aspect of religion, which made the western world attracted to it.

What Is Impact Of Buddhism In The West
What Is Impact Of Buddhism In The West

Buddhism In The West Today Now, Buddhism is widespread in the west, and it is also known as one of the significant religious practices in the world. People from the middle and upper-middle class in western countries are the major followers of this religion. Mostly, people who are more inclined to the left-wing living in the urban area are the major followers of it. Today, Buddhism in the western world has also been influenced by the New Age Movement. Some of the insights of psychology and psychotherapy in the west have also been hugely influenced by Buddhism. This is the impact of Buddhism in the western world today.

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