What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals


Human beings are the most superior animals in the world. Moreover, we as human beings have so much intelligence and so much power in our brains that we manipulate the living conditions of our planet earth. Furthermore, we as human beings are so intelligent that we rule over our mother earth as well as other animals, birds, and plants. Therefore, it can be rightly said that human beings are the god of the planet earth. However, since the inception of human beings on the planet, we follow the concept of gods and goddess.

Moreover, we believe in supernatural powers and from there arise the concept of gods and goddess. Earlier, in the primitive era, there was one religion. However, as human beings grew, more faith came into being. One of the best religion is Buddhism as human beings grew, more faith came into being. One of the best religion is Buddhism. Therefore let us know What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals.

What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals
What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals

Why Buddhism Was Born

As human beings became to grow and their brain became more complicated, new and new religions came into being. While earlier, the beliefs were simple; later on, some greedy men took advantage of this religion and tried to suppress and exploit the needy people in the nake of faith. It is where this religion came into being.

What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals
What Is Buddhism And Its Fundamentals

What Is Buddhism

Buddhism, as a religion came from India. It was around the period of 560- 480 BC where Gautama Buddha born in the royal warrior family of India. However, he felt tired of his luxury life and decide to leave all the wealth and luxury of experience to find the true meaning of life. Thereby he went on the jungles and preached for the true meaning of life; It was during this time that he found enlightenment and saw the truth of the meaning of life. Thereby, the Buddhism religion came into being. 

The faithful preaching of Buddhism believes in karma, be kind to others, and live a life which does not have any worldly possession. Later it was emperor Ashoka after, the battle of Kalinga popularized this religion throughout the world. He was taken aback from the destruction done by him in the Kalinga war, thereby decided to preach this religion and save humanity by tracking sharing, kindness, and karma throughout the world. This is What is Buddhism.

Fundamentals Of Buddhism

The fundamentals of this religion believe in the EightFiold Path. Following are the Eight Fold Path Of this religion

Right, Understanding – People needs to understand what other human beings think rightly. Moreover, if there is no clarity in understanding, it leads to conflict among various human beings.

Right Thought- A right thought helps a person to believe in the right way and do good deeds for himself as well as for humanity.

Right Speech- Right speech enables a person to make good relationship with other human beings.

Right Action- Right action helps the person always to do good things for society.

Right, Livelihood- Right livelihood helps you to attain Moksha.

The other three elements of eightfold parts include right concentration, right mindfulness, and right effort. All of these enables the human being to lead a good life on earth and attain moksha.

This is What is Buddhism is.

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