Tips For Healthier Incense Use

Use These Tips For Healthier Incense Use

Many people claim that using incense is not healthy for you since the smoke can be harmful to your body. Usually, they rely on piece-meal studies that show the harmful effects of incense smoke on the human body, disregarding the long tradition of healthier incense use.

They are not wrong, but they are not entirely correct either. To fully understand the issue, we should consider the difference between low-quality mass-marketed incense sticks and high-quality incense sticks.

High-quality incense sticks are much less smoky than other lower quality ones. They release fewer smoke fumes, and the smoke that they release does not have any harmful effect on our health. Hence, to continue the long-lasting tradition of incense use, you should be mindful of only using high-quality incense sticks from manufacturers who you can trust.

Ensuring Healthier Incense Use By Disregarding Low-Quality Brands

 Use These Tips For Healthier Incense Use

Use These Tips For Healthier Incense Use

Usually, the incense sticks that you find on piled on top of each other in department stores are American punk-dipped incense sticks. These American punk-dipped incense sticks are of very low quality and can cause harm to your health. They are made by using synthetic ingredients and sold at cheap rates. Hence, synthetic ingredients make them unhealthy, and you should vary from them. Usually, you can tell if an incense stick is of low-quality if the price for them is quite low.

Manufacturing high-quality incense sticks that make for healthier incense use are expensive. They will usually be priced much higher, and they are not that readily available. To find higher quality incense sticks, you should find brands that import Indian hand-rolled incense or Japanese mold-made incense. The tradition of incense use is much longer in these countries, and they make their incense sticks using only natural products.

Keep The Windows Open For Healthier Incense Use

 Use These Tips For Healthier Incense Use
Use These Tips For Healthier Incense Use

Be aware that a completely smoke-filled room can harm your health. Smoke, in general, is not suitable to be breathed by the human lungs or any animal lungs for that matter. Hence, when you use your incense sticks, make sure that you keep at least a little opening so that the smoke can pass through.

Keeping the window open is a good way to ensure that smoke does not gather together and remain for you to breathe in. If there are no windows in the room, then use your incense sticks near the door of the room and keep that door open so that the smoke can pass through there.

Don’t Burn Too Much Incense For Healthier Incense Use

Remember that burning a lot of incense sticks together may be harmful to your health. You should burn incense sticks only in moderation. However, you can burn two or three incense sticks together at a time, but not more than that.

When you burn your incense sticks, for healthier incense use, you should not burn the stick area of the incense. Therefore, you can use a paper clip to stop the flame from reaching the wood.


Use these tips for healthier incense use to ensure that your incense burning does not have any effect on your health. Do it in moderation and avoid doing it in a small room, if possible.

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