Buddhisms: Know Everything About It

Understanding Buddhism: Know Everything About It

Buddhism is a religion for some people while for some others it is the way of life, the way they want to live. There are so many people out there who get confused about Buddhism at times but there is no need to worry about anything. This Buddhisms is very easy to practice and once you know about it, you will surely embrace it with your whole heart. More than 300 million people from around the world follow this religion and it has been in existence since the last 2,500 years. It all started when the ruler of Magadha Empire Siddharth Gautama was lacking happiness no matter what he does. He was in the quest of the real happiness and in that quest, he was even ready to leave his wife, son and all the property that he had at the prime age of 29.

Understanding Buddhism: Know Everything About It
Understanding Buddhism: Know Everything About It

Buddha Is Not A God And Never Will Be

Buddha aka Siddharth Gautama never claimed himself as the god. He is more like a leader who took his followers in the enlightenment path. He experienced how life should be and explained the same to all his disciples.

Buddha started exploring the different teachings given by religions and started understanding the core beliefs of them. He indulged himself in meditation and exploration of the religious practices for six years straight and then understood how to acquire happiness in life. After understanding, he taught the same to his disciples and likewise it has been shared with so many people around the world.

Understanding Buddhism: Know Everything About It
Understanding Buddhism: Know Everything About It

Popularity Of Buddhisms

The western countries are lately adopting Buddhism for so many reasons. For most people, it isn’t a religion. Lord Buddha has paved a path of life where people can be their true self and explore happiness. The path has answers to almost all the questions and problems that people are facing right now. This is the reason why Buddhisms has attained that much popularity. On top of that Buddhism is not a religion that expects something from the disciples or follower. Following it is pretty simple and one can attain the serene feeling with the help of it.

The path of a Buddhist can be explained in three simple points

  • Lead an ethical and moral life
  • To develop wisdom and understand the world in a different and positive perspective
  • To be mindful of all the things that you do and control your thoughts to a great extent

People believe that this region will provide them with the goal of their life and gives an explanation about the injustice and hatred that has been spread around the world. It provides a code that one has to practice in order to live a greater and happier life.

Worshipping Of Idol Is A Strict No

Yes, there are idols of Buddha meditating and sleeping in so many countries that follow Buddhism but the Buddhist never pray these idols for any favors, etc. The mediating Buddha idol is a symbol of peace and happiness. This is something that gives serenity for the followers.

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