Top Ten Facts About Buddism: 2020

Top Ten Facts About Buddhism

One of the most popular world religions is Buddhism. Everyone has individual perceptions about Buddhism relating to faith and lifestyle. There are certain aspects of Buddhism that one needs to know. Here are ten interesting facts about Buddism.

There’s so much that you aren’t aware of about the ideals of the religion. So, it is better to be aware of such things because you can’t make any assumptions about any religion.

Origin Of Buddhism

Top Ten Facts About Buddhism
Top Ten Facts About Buddhism

Buddhism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It dates back to the times before Christ, and it has its roots since the early 400 BC. Gautama Buddha is the spiritual and religious being from whom it takes life.

The Origin Of The Term Buddhism

Unlike popular belief, Buddhism was not always known as Buddhism. Western scholars named it so in the early 1830s.

First Reference To Buddhism In Literature

Buddhism’s popularity dates way back to the second AD. Clement of Alexandria mentions Buddhism in her works. It is considered the first mention of Buddhism in western literature.

The Sangha

Top Ten Facts About Buddism
Top Ten Facts About Buddhism

After the birth of Buddhism, their people desired to walk the path of Buddha and lead the lifestyle. For them, Buddha formed the Sangha. It is the order for the monks, both male and female. They have been most helpful and essential in passing down the Buddhist philosophy and teachings, generations after generations.

Internal Buddhism

Within Buddhism itself, there exists a division. However, there are two main divisions in Buddhism: Mahayana and Theravada. We can say that Buddhism is a diverse religion.

Buddhism Is The Fourth Largest Religion In The World

What many people don’t realize is the magnitude of Buddhism’s popularity. Over time, it’s claimed the title of being the fourth largest religion in the world. Also, it has about three hundred and sixty million followers.

The Holy Book In Buddhism

Unlike in many religions wherein there is one fundamental religious text, in Buddhism, it is different. Moreover, there are many scriptures and documents which contain the teachings of Buddha and the Buddhist lifestyle. The Sangha, in many Asian countries, actively preserves them.

The Supreme Being In Buddism

In many religions, there exists a God. However, contrary to this, Buddhism discounts the existence of one God or supreme being.

Mindfulness In Buddism

People consider Buddhism as a lifestyle rather than a religion. Buddhism is popular in Psychology because it gives importance to lives using meditation. Since these practices have positive effects on the individual, both are interrelated.

Reincarnation In Buddism

In Buddhism, people believe in the concept of reincarnation. Mostly, traditional Buddhists strongly believe in these concepts. Modern Buddhists, though, place importance on the meaning behind the idea more than the actuality of it.

These are ten facts about Buddhism in conversations. It is a popular religion as it gives importance to the life and lifestyle of an individual, physically and mentally. While the religion itself requires thorough study, understanding the foundations of Buddhism is also a step towards the same.

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