Focused During Hong-Sau -

Focused During Hong-Sau

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to stay focused in life. Moreover, it is a beautiful tool for helping to bring our focus in life to a center. It also gives strength within. One can perform better in the world through meditation. One gets not only greater clarity but also an enormous heart to be there for others.

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation

Tip 1: For Practicing Hong-Sau Meditation

Practice Exercises That Are Full Of Energy – the true meaning of meditation is to bring awakening in the flow of energy. Moreover, energy exercises help to control the power of oneself. It teaches individuals to control their thoughts and actions. Practicing meditation helps to bring self-realization. If one has the will to draw cosmic energy into the body, he\she will undoubtedly do it with any failure. The energy exercises are a set of 39 activities. With regular practice, it just takes 12-15 minutes to complete the set of actions. All those who do these exercises before starting the meditation can sit comfortably for a more extended period while meditating. Furthermore, the energy exercise help to stay oxygenated and purifies the blood.

Tip 2: For Practicing Hong-Sau Meditation

Breathing Exercises- One needs to be very alert while practicing Hong Sau meditation. The exercises help to keep the mind and body calm and relaxed while meditating. Breathing exercises help to learn the correct way of breathing. However, generally, people do not realize that they are breathing in the wrong direction. Until we learn the right way of meditating, practice the double breathe technique that is take in double inhalation, then hold the breath and exhale through the mouth twice.

Tip 3: For Practicing Hong Sau Meditation

Measured Breathing Technique- Inhale to a count of six, hold the breath and focus the in between the brows. Finally, exhale to the count of six to relax the body. Depending on the breathing capacity, one can shorten or lengthen the rhythm accordingly. Try and stay relaxed throughout the technique. Make sure the spine is upright and practice this technique without any discomfort.

Practice Breathing Through Hong Sau

Hong Sau means, “I am a spirit.” One can think of it as I am peace, I am infinite joy, happiness, and whatever is comfortable for you. Moreover, this technique helps us to concentrate the mind in a better way. And also, it uplifts the state of consciousness through the rhythm itself and the vibration of sound.
In this technique, one needs to observe the breath through breathing in and out through the nose. Just use the component of breath and feel it through the nose. When inhaling, feel the coolness of the breath, and as you exhale, feel the warmth of the expiration. Be the observer, and watch the breath. Moreover, draw the index inward while inhaling and open it out while exhaling. This will help in the mental repetition of the mantra of Hong Sau.

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation

Tips for staying Focused During Hong-Sau Meditation


Hong Sau meditation helps to keep the mind relaxed. Moreover, it also helps to stay aware of the environment around them. However, it teaches the correct way of breathing. Remember to practice in a comfortable posture. Mainly focus on the center of the brows to feel inner peace. This is when real meditation occurs. Hong-sau teaches concentration and a sense of inner harmony and peace.

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