Relationship Between Karma And Dharma

Karma and Dharma are two integral parts of Buddhism. There is a variety of definitions of karma and dharma. Both of them together can be named as a Buddhist symbol. Karma is something which means do as you wish. It allows us to do things according to our will. Dharma refers to the reality of our lives according to the world. In other words, karma is a practical approach to dharma. Your karma and dharma decide how your life will reward you. These two factors have a huge impact on Buddhism.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the acting form of dharma in each and every human being’s life. It is the impact of our thoughts, words, actions, and deeds which we commit towards other people. Karma carves the path of our lives on which we are destined to walk.

How Does Karma Work?

As there is no Buddhist symbol as such, the karma is known as a symbol of our actions. Everything happening in a person’s life is related to each other. If something good or bad happens with you today, it is caused by the decision you took yesterday. This is how karma works. Karma is something that is a part of our entire lifespan. Anything good or bad we do, say or even plan to do has an effect on us in the near future. There is a popular saying that karma always pays back. So if you do good deeds, you’ll be rewarded with generosity and if you do evil you will be rewarded with cruelty.

How Is Karma Related To Buddhism?

Buddhist lifestyle is all about karma. According to Buddhist beliefs, there is a connection between your deeds and your destiny. If you do something good or bad today, you’ll face the consequences tomorrow. Similarly, if you are going through a good or bad time now, it means something led to this from yesterday’s deeds. You will be judged by karma for everything you do. Buddhism teachings tell us that deeds of your past life can also affect you in this life. This is the reason why Buddha always taught the lessons of kindness, love, and forgiveness. According to Buddha, good deeds lead to a good life, wrong deeds lead to a life full of pain and suffering.

What Is Dharma?

According to Buddhism, dharma is the sense of self. It is a process of constant change and alteration. This occurs when your perspective changes according to your interaction with the world. The dharma is a Buddhist symbol of growth within a person. For instance, the Buddhist lifestyle is the dharma of the Buddhist monks and nuns.

How Does Dharma Work?

Dharma is all about living in the moment and appreciating the things you get in your life. It is the process to reach nirvana if you work efficiently and follow your heart. Karma plays a pivotal role in altering the dharma. Once you start walking on the right path, dharma will destine you to nirvana.

How Is Dharma Related To Buddhism?

The entire concept of Buddhism is the Buddhist dharma. Anyone following this dharma is destined to reach nirvana if they work towards it with truthfulness.

Therefore, dharma and karma are the two driving forces which shape your destiny. It is we who fuel our own dharma and karma. To be on the right path needs knowledge and that is what Buddha tells us to do.

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