The Dark Side Of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails

The Dark Side of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails

Buddhism is a religion that has no face of a dictator. The religion is filled with wisdom which looks quite good on the paper. It is considered as one of the most realistic religion in recent times. However, in the 21st century, something very depressing it noticeable about this religion. On careful speculations, it is seen that the dark side of Buddhism is nothing but a step towards darkness which is quietly and sensibly crafted for the common devotees to not get a clue of it. It is nothing but the hellfires of Christianity and similar to the rhetoric concept of jihad.

The Dark Side of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails
The Dark Side of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails

Buddhism a major influence

However, when you examine more carefully, you can see that Buddhism believes in the concept of karma. As a layman, the overview concept is quite good as it encourages individuals to be and do good especially when nobody is watching over them for the sake of a happy life and the future. Whereas, on the contradictory, if you think deeply people get rewards as per their actions and the wrongdoers will get their results of even their previous birth in their recent birth in particular situations.

Concept Of Karma Cycle

The main concept of the karmic cycle is hidden by the monks. Such as to people blindly believe in whatever and however, they say. If and when will question the monk about a wrong thing happening to you, they will simply blame your previous birth deeds to the present one’s situations.

Meanwhile, the dark side of karma is not the misfortunes in life, for which you are happening to face troubles. ut the manifestations of fundamental wrongdoing that deep roots within you. This, however, gets an individual’s self-esteem low as they always end up thinking that any wrong wrongdoings in them being a step closer to the inner evil of themselves. This brings in self self-doubters the confidence of the individual.
Another belief in Buddhism is that our very own fundamental essence is the non-xenon-existential world.

The Dark Side of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails
The Dark Side of Buddhism: Darkness Prevails

Dark Side Of Buddhism: Impermanence

The outer world is impermanence. The only concept to void the essence of oneself is when the individual arrives through the meditation and exercises. All were present for centuries in the tradition. This, however, is not a very acceptable way towards self self-discovery confidence of the individual. It has already been down to even be able to concentrate on any other factors.

Thus, it is very true that Buddhism does maintain its moral edge over religions like Christianity and Islam. This religion has made the individual look down upon himself or herself as he or she is incapable of appreciating life. And accept all the shame and guilt for all the wrongdoings in a very subtle way. However, because people are too blind in their faith, they are incapable of questioning or seeing any similarities. It simply lets its devotees face sadness in a subtle way.


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