Table Lamps In Led

Table Lamp In Led: Touch To Switch And Light Your Surrounding

The invention of the table lamps has paved the way for modern life solutions quite easily. The lamp is very important if you are reading or even want to find something in the dark. You do not need to try and find the switchboard in the dark, you can simply switch on these table lamps from your bedside. 

Most of us ignore that we should read in a well-lit environment. Studying in dim light not only makes you sleepy, it is also stressful to the eyes and can cause tremendous negative effects. All you need is just an LED table lamp like this and you or your child do not need to face inconvenience yet again. The light is very mild to the eye yet no way less in luminosity. 


  • The light produced from this table lamp has enough luminosity and it does not lack anything and as an added advantage, it does not harm the eyes or make you feel uncomfortable.
  • It is very adjustable and can be made to different angles till 360 degree. You will not have any problem to change its position.
  • This product has a clip-on-base and it provides three different modes to adjust the light. The product is highly energy-efficient and you can use it 17 hours in low intensity and 4 hours in high intensity.
  • It is a 4 watt table lamp and the luminous flux is 300LM. The battery capacity is 2000mah
  • The material used is PVC plastic and the package includes one desk lamp and one USB cable.

LED Table Lamps

Bright light is not good for your eyes just like dim light. You also need a suitable angle to study properly without any stress. Ordinary lights are very expensive as well as they are the reason for your rising power bill. It consumes more energy and that is why many international organizations have stressed the fact that we must increase the use of LED lights for efficient power consumption. The three-level modes also make it helpful to maintain the brightness adjustable to the eyes.

A Good Quality Of Table Lamps

A very good thing about this product is that you do not need to plug it anywhere. It is rechargeable and the power source of this is the lithium-ion battery, the same thing that is used in your phone battery and it is a very good quality battery that lasts for hours. You charge the product with a USB port. You can use different light mode and your energy expenditure will be as per your consumption. So, you get 17 hours of light in low intensity, 9 hours of light in middle and 4 hours in high intensity.

Useful And Not Complicated

Who would have thought that one could also get a portable lamp? Now you can get your things sorted out while camping or on travel, using this inside your tent. It is very easy to use and do not require any expertise. You should not worry about any tools for handling this. It does not have a switch on button but a screen and you can install it later. You can adjust it however you want.

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