Buckwheat Meditation Cushion


SIZES: Crescent Cushions = 5″ High x 17″ Wide, Zafu Cushions = 5.5″ High x 15″ Wide
LONG-LASTING SUPPORT: Stuffed with 100% Natural Buckwheat Hulls for sturdiness & durability. Molds to your “seat” for supreme, personalized comfort. Hand-made, 100% organic cotton cover unzips for quick washing!
ASSORTED SIZES, STYLES, COLORS: We have the perfect fit for you – no matter your size, shape, or flexibility! Check the scroll down the Size menu for your perfect cushion. Our carrying handle makes our cushions very portable as well.
ENJOY DEEPER MEDITATION: Our Ergonomic Designs align your spine & ease strain on the sit bones & back. Hold your lotus poses for longer without pain interfering. Get optimal results from every session!
100% LIFETIME WARRANTY & FREE GIFTS: Join our VIP Club and receive an Upgraded Lifetime Warranty! VIP Club Members also get a FREE Stress Busting Guided Meditation and FREE Mindfulness Ebook!


Anxiety & stress are two of the most widespread issues troubling today’s world.

With 100’s of notifications competing for our attention, it’s no wonder a calm mind eludes most…

The Seat of Your Soul Meditation Cushion is designed for the modern meditator as a tool to help you tap into that inner peace, and keep stress levels in check.

Align Your Spine

Avoid stressing your lower back with perfect spine alignment. Sitting raised off the ground allows a perfect meditation position, even if you lack flexibility.

Whether you sit in a full-lotus position, half lotus, or simply with uncrossed legs resting on the ground… the Seat of Your Soul Meditation Cushion keeps your back alignment optimal.

Machine Washable & Organic

Best of both worlds… we use GOTS Certified Organic Cotton for sustainability, without sacrificing wash-ability.

Unzip the cover & throw it in the cold water wash. It takes up minimal space so it can fit in with your regular laundry loads.

Keep a clean mind AND a clean conscience

Zen-Like Comfort

Many experienced meditators have a Yoga practice before or after… so they use it as a Yoga Cushion.

It can be a great way to get into even deeper meditation. Try some of your favorite Yoga asanas using the Seat of Your Soul as a Yoga Cushion, then sit down for your meditative practice.

Large | Soft | Adjustable

The biggest complaints we’ve heard about other cushions are “too small, too hard, and not adjustable.”

We’ve listened to the feedback…

The height is easily adjustable by removing buckwheat filler. Open the zipper on the bottom and empty some into a container (in case you need it in the future.)


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