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Search for “EXTREME ROCKS Amethyst” and “AMAZING AMETHYST” for more sizes and styles of OUR amethyst clusters. Check that you are buying PRIME for Fast, Free delivery.
BASALT BASE. Your 3″ to 4″ amethyst cluster is supported by the original basalt mineral where the crystals grew. The base is a precision cut to stand up safely as a display.
BONUS: Receive a SELENITE, ROSE QUARTZ or another specimen as a thank you.
ASSEMBLED IN THE USA. Your purchase EMPLOYS SPECIAL SKILLS for ADULTS who appreciate your support.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Your purchase will be happily refunded for any reason.

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MADE IN the USA. This kit manufactured exclusively by EXTREME ROCKS with minerals from Morocco and crystals from Uruguay. when you buy from EXTREME ROCKS when you check out.
SUPERIOR QUALITY. You are purchasing high-quality amethyst from Uruguay.

GUARANTEED. We can guarantee your purchase because each cluster has been opened, inspected and properly protected in preparation for shipment to you. It might surprise you to know that some larger companies never even look at the product after they receive it or before they ship it.

SPECIFICATIONS. Your cluster will be 250 to 500 grams. (1/2 lb to one lb) Approximately 3 to 4 inches in height. Prepare to enjoy the powerful beauty of superior quality amethyst for a lifetime.

THANK YOU. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports a special needs community who helped assemble our products.


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