Popular Religious Practices

Popular Religious Practices In The World

Like many other religions, Buddhism has become one of the popular practices today. The tradition of Buddhist practice has survived centuries, and it has evolved a lot from the olden days. Some of the principals have remained intact as the monks have retained them strictly to circulate among the masses. However, it is one of the popular religious practices across the globe for multiple reasons. Let us know more about such aspects in detail.

Popular Religious Practices: Buddhism

Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha Gautama or Gautama Buddha in 483 BCE to 563 BCE. The practice dates back to approximately 2,500 years ago in India. Historically, the religious practice of Buddhism has been one of the most prominent in Asian countries. Also, it has influenced the western countries and has become a popular one globally with its gradual progress. In the west, Buddhism has entered with the immigration of the Tibetan teachers and Japanese scholars.

If we observe, the origin of Buddhism very carefully, we will see how it has become successful in inspiring the folks to live an organic life despite the materialistic choices we have. Internal peace or solace is the ultimate form of happiness, as Buddhism believes. As a final point, Gautama was a believer in community life, and therefore, he inspired many disciples and asked many to follow the same. As the result monks and teachers started to follow the core elements of Buddhism, it developed through centuries.

Popular Religious Practices In The World
Popular Religious Practices In The World

Buddhism Beliefs

For this reason, some of the primary beliefs of Buddhism are based upon their observation of mankind. Instead, they focus on achieving complete enlightenment, which may be termed as inner peace. They don’t consider a supreme God as the determiner of our fate. There are many names like nirvana, salvation to attain the state of enlightenment. To achieve it, they follow a specific lifestyle, which includes rituals like meditation and education. In short, The word Buddha denotes enlightened, and the followers believe that Buddha was an extra-ordinary man who attained the purest enlightenment.

Popular Religious Practices In The World
Popular Religious Practices In The World

Popular Religious Practices: The Rituals

To tell the truth, Buddhism is one of the most tolerant religious practices in the world and it has multiple disciplines. There are different methods of Buddhism, and yet, the followers respect all. Meditation and wisdom are the common elements in all such variations, which let the followers achieve salvation. Therefore, many scholars define Buddhism is the way of life or a spiritual tradition rather than an organized religion. To understand this, one needs to read Buddha’s words from The Four Noble Truths.

To conclude with, the Hindu religion, Buddhists also consider karma as the determiner of one’s fate. As Buddhism doesn’t recognize the presence of a supreme deity, they believe in humans and the power of humans to transform the world around us. Buddhist monks have to go through a strict practice, which includes celibacy among many more methods. Moreover, there is no single image as the symbol of Buddhism, and there are many symbols, which are similar in their visual aspect. The Bodhi tree and swastika are the two most common symbols.

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