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Most Inspirational Lord Buddha Quotes

lord buddha quotes

‘Buddha’ is a title that means enlightenment. You might be having some difficulties, and you need to have guidance. Incidentally, lord buddha quotes could be what you need. Be awoken and find the true meaning of life now. The list below contains things that you may already know, but don’t put it to heart. However, after reading the top Buddha quotes, you would definitely feel a change and reflect on your actions.

Most powerful Buddha quotes

1. Fear and Desire

When you want something, go for it. Do not regret not doing it at the end. Accordingly, regret is one of the saddest things in this world. Fear nothing and live your life to the fullest.

Whatever is the result, at least you did your best. There is nothing much better than having those experiences. Always remember that experience is the best teacher. After all, you can always pick yourself up after anything.

2. Doing things with all your heart

This number is almost the same as number one. Follow your heart and put everything on it. As long as you are not hurting anyone, go for the things you desire. It is notable as one of the best lord buddha quotes.

3. The power of love, truth, generosity, and kindness

In this world, the strongest are often the weakest too. They can’t find the harmful elements because of too much love. Be motivated with love, kindness, generosity, and truth. Keep these with you, and nothing will defeat you.

4. Living in the moment

Time is a dangerous thing. Why? Because we always count the moments and we are too immersed with it. We do not anymore know how to live in the moment. Undo this trend today. Move on from the past and not overthink about the future. The present is the gift you must treasure.

Give more time to your loved ones. We cannot anymore repeat our presents as much as we copy it in the future. It is the truth that we must accept.

5. Our thoughts

Our mind is one of the most potent and mysterious things in the world. According to Science, it is only working a fraction of what it can be as we live our daily lives. Make use of this advantage. Be who you want to be by your perception. Embrace all the possibilities the world has given you. Take this piece of lord buddha quotes in your heart.


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There you have it! The top Buddha quotes that have given rise to a multitude of followers that would walk the path of peace and righteousness. Hopefully, after reading the quotes you would be enlightened to the point that you might want to read more and try to understand your actions as well the people around you.

May the quotes be the first step of enlightenment towards inner peace and the pursuit of happiness that has been long sought by people even up until their deaths. It would be a shame if you are unable to live your life to the fullest now, would it?

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