Meditation Benefits And Buddhism

Benefits Of Meditation And Buddhism

Meditation is perhaps the oldest practice followed by humans to achieve a state of calm. It has been practiced across geographies and religions. It is said that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating under the Bodhi tree. Meditation can help one understand and be in sync with the world. It also leads to a greater awareness of the self and calmness that helps focus and channel energy in the right direction. Buddhism has preached meditation as a tool for achieving all the things that are great. Repeated chanting of mantras while meditating opens the mind to avenues that are unimaginable otherwise.

Meditation Benefits And Buddhism
Meditation Benefits And Buddhism

Meditation- Getting The Basics Right

Let us start by preparing the body for meditation. A state of comfort should be arranged. Sit crossed-legged, keep a cushion underneath if you feel the support is needed. The most common and effective way to meditate is to sit on a mat cross-legged.  Rid your mind of all negative thoughts. This might be difficult during the first few days, but then this is what meditation helps you achieve. Getting to focus all your energy on the positive side of things can help your mental health for the better.

Meditation Benefits And Buddhism
Meditation Benefits And Buddhism

The Science And The Faith- Meditation

Getting the posture right is the first step towards mastering meditation. Allow your spine to enable your diaphragm to move freely as you breathe in and out. Focus all your attention to the rhythm of your breath. This will, over time, help you gain clarity.  It is also a scientific way to improve attention. Focusing on the task at hand while tuning out the rest of the world is meditation. It helps you improve your concentration and hence, many schools have regular meditation classes for their pupils.

Meditation Benefits: Meditation As A Way Of Life

While praying may look like a form of meditation, there is a fundamental difference between the two. Praying is for a deity. You ask for some of the other favors. Praying is also remembering anyone but the self. Meditation is different. By only knowing yourself can you know the world.  Meditation, is therefore equal to mindfulness. You become aware of your surroundings and of your innermost thoughts through meditation.

Benefits Of Meditation

Scientists and spiritual leaders alike agree on the vast benefits that come along with practicing this technique. Meditation has shown to reduce stress levels and has calmed people down. So much that even prisons run a program where inmates are made to practice what helped Buddha reached enlightenment.

Wondering how can you start? It is short and simple. The best time of the day to meditate is early morning. Right when you wake up. Pick a spot that seems the most comfortable for you. A place where you feel abundantly positive. Start by practicing for five minutes at a stretch and increase the time as you go by. If there is a mantra that is close to your heart, chant it in your head. For me, even affirmations do the trick. Keep your eyes closed. Focus on your breathing and concentrate. You’d be surprised to know what a difference deep, long breaths can make.

Meditation is a way of life, helping you discover who you really are.

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