Meditate To Please God


“Meditate to please god and not the self” it is authentic. Meditation helps to connect with God that is present deep within. It, moreover, helps to realize who we are? If one wants to experience real happiness and get peace, it is important to meditate. Meditation helps to bring changes deep within. It helps us mentally and physically too. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the inner self to have the realization of God. Listen to what the inner voice has to say to you. Through spiritual meditation also, one can realize the inner self. This will, moreover, help to connect with God and make the soul pure.

Meditate To Please God, Not The Self
Meditate To Please God, Not The Self
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Connect With God Through Spiritual Meditation

For each person, God is different. One can connect to God through spiritual meditation. As we all know, God is divine energy and is above all of us. Everything that makes the universe, the sun, the stars, you and me is God. The little voice in the heart is God. We all fell protected even in the dark, even in the silence, and deep within is almighty. Every lightning, thunder, rain, clouds together remind us about God. God is the supreme power, is all around us and also within us. When one has come out of a terrible situation, we know it is God who is supporting us. Something for which one has longed for a long time suddenly happens, it is due to God’s presence. Meditation is the key to reach out to God and know what God is, in real sense.

Meditate To Know Yourself To Know God

Every breath we take is due to God’s presence within us. When we sit quietly and focus on our breath, it is real meditation. When meditating, invite the love, care, and grace from the energies around. God has so much to offer to all of us. With every breath, one finds more and more peace. Imagine that we are breathing in the presence of God. It is deep within us. We need to realize it and let go of all the negativity and feel connected to God. While meditating, God is ready to offer love and only love. While focusing on the breath during meditation, go for breathing deep. Try and exhale everything that disturbs you. Let God’s love sink into you deeper and deeper. Just think that God had brought you to this world due to some reason. Realize who you are?

Meditate To Please God, Not The Self
Meditate To Please God, Not The Self


When we connect to God through meditation, we are in the arms of the supreme power. He is our savior. God is there for all of us. We need to feel the warmth of his presence. The reality is that we are the define expression of God. While meditating, take a deep breath and exhale. Let the mind go where it wants. Through meditation, the mind itself realizes the true meaning of God and his presence. Meditation is the key to know God. That he is, he was and will always be there for each one of us. We need to realize this through mediation. So, it is rightly said meditation is the key to connect to God.

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