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Mindfulness meditation can help you a lot when it comes to improving mental health, there are many types of potential treatments. But important ones and commonly recommended are practising meditation and using psychedelic drugs. Now there are interesting studies, you will see that are mainly concentrated on studying the effects. One can use both of these in combination. In most of the studies, they make use of psilocybin and this is nothing but an active component that is found in magic mushroom.

The majority of the studies have proved that it is possible to achieve effective and stringer results when meditation and psychedelic drugs are used in combination for improving mental health.

Mindfulness Meditation

You can consider it as a complete set of techniques that are mainly designed to enhance attentiveness in meditators along with the acceptance of the current moment. This is one of the meditation techniques that bring a lot of benefits.

Magic Mushroom Drug And Mindfulness Meditation
Magic Mushroom Drug And Mindfulness Meditation

It is one of the very popular types of meditation techniques one can follow and it is easy to follow as well. Usually, this is the meditation technique that is recommended for beginners.

Magic Mushroom Drug

Now along with mindfulness meditation, researchers are also concentrating on the usage of psilocybin. The therapies that are based on this are very helpful when it comes to making changes in terms of mood changes, reducing depression, and anxiety. Along with these, this psilocybin will also support in enhancing acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude.

When these psychedelic drugs that are originated from magic mushrooms. and you are trying along with strict meditation practise, participants will experience the best results. They can change their behaviour, mood, and become less stressful. It is possible to reduce depression by following this combination since both meditation and psychedelic drugs can reduce anxiety to a great extent.

Combination Of Psilocybin And Mindfulness Meditation

Now, it’s time to study the combination of drugs based on psilocybin and meditation techniques. According to the reports, this chemical from magic mushroom can impact brain function along with altering self-awareness and self-consciousness.

In these therapies, participants will undergo meditation technique and after that, you will go psilocybin on the assigned day. In studies, participants will undergo an MRI scan for understanding brain function. During the scan also they undergo meditation techniques. Mostly, you should use three main meditation techniques here. They are

  • Resting-state
  • Focused attention
  • Open awareness

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When they are under brain scan their eyes should stay close and they will be in a meditation state. Usually, You can practice all three types of meditation for 7 minutes during the scan. According to the reports, this therapy participants could see significant changes in their moods, attitudes, social experiences. Apart from that, you can see this in their behaviour.

Magic Mushroom Drug And Mindfulness Meditation
Magic Mushroom Drug And Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation: Bottom Line

Even though you practice meditation alone, you will experience positive results after some time. When you will follow this along with some usage of psychedelic drugs you can easily reap the benefits in no time. But one must understand that only using psychedelic drugs you cannot see significant results. You can follow the meditation techniques like mindfulness meditation, you can expect changes in your life.

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