Life Of A Remarkable Man: Things To Remember

A Remarkable Life: Things To Remember About Buddhist Thinkers

Life is full of ups and downs and we come to a phase where we do not have any idea what we can do to be aware of the situation. To make a change, we must address the issue first and then we think about making progress. Buddhism has taught us many life lessons and we will know about someone who has inspired his followers and fellow monks very much alike. We will know about Dilgo Khyentse Rinpotche, a master of great lamas’ tradition who started his education and training in Tibet. There is a tradition named Nyingma, in which he was one of the influential, masters. He spent 30 years of his life for meditation and spiritual teachings that were later received by many people for the betterment of the generation ahead.

One Life, Many Talents

A Remarkable Life: Things To Remember About Buddhist Thinkers
A Remarkable Life: Things To Remember About Buddhist Thinkers

Rinpotche was not only a monk but from very early on his life, he started showing many other skills as well that later on got perfection. He discovered many ancient texts, deciphered most of them and revealed many sutras of ancient Buddhist texts. He was a poet, as well as a writer of meditative texts and commentaries that is most valued by his disciples. He taught great perfection to others but was also the part of Rime Movement. He never talked about blindly following Buddhism, rather he is known to be a teacher in his way. He was the embodiment of many talents – a poet, a sage, a teacher and a scholar. He was known to be simplistic, dignified and humorous and his disciples called him an unending source of inspiration. His impact on his followers was very clear from the beginning days of him sermonizing and teaching.

Journey To Spiritualism

From an early stage in life, he was inclined to spiritualism even though the thoughts were not shared by his father. Her two brothers had been taken into monasteries and one of them was thought to be the reincarnation of lama while the other brother became a physician. Several masters have suggested that he was a lama and he should join the order. Rinpotche suffered from serious burns at the age of 10 and he was bedridden. Masters told his dad that if he would not join the order, he might not survive. At last, his father consented and a new life was started.

Early on his life, he met his principal who thought him definitely to be the reincarnation of wise spirit. He got the chance to study with great masters and learned the traditional values of Nyingma tradition. He got more than 50 tutors from whom he learned spiritualism.

A Remarkable Life: Things To Remember About Buddhist Thinkers
A Remarkable Life: Things To Remember About Buddhist Thinkers

The Road Ahead: A Life To Inspire Millions

From the age of 13 to 0, he spent his life in hermitage and later on decided to teach the traditions of Buddhism to different parts of the world. He traveled across the Himalayas to India, in south-east Asia, in Nepal, and in the west to define the nature of dharma to his many disciples.

He spent a big chunk of his life in Bhutan where he got disciples ranging from people as influential as the royal family and as common as peasants. He revived many stupas, monasteries, and temples and is looked upon as the reviver of the lama tradition.

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