LED Table Lamp Touch To Switch


We all require a table lamp for an hour working desk or study table. In many cases, the table lamp helps to concentrate on your work or study. It is because the light focuses on a constricted area. Apart from that, you often need to switch off the light of your room, because your roommate or spouse wants to sleep. In that case, you need to stop working or studying. You require a LED table lamp in that case.

LED Table Lamp Touch To Switch

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Most of the traditional table lamps are power consuming. However, all of the problems can be resolved now because we have a solution for you. We are talking about a LED table lamp that is suitable for your working table and study table. Besides, this table lamp doesn’t consume much power. This lamp will help you to study or work correctly without hurting your eyes.

LED Light: Low Power Consumption

LED lights consume less power. Hence, this product is designed in such a way that consumes less power. Now you don’t have to pay an exorbitant electricity bill at the beginning of every month. This table lamp will help to save your hard-earned money.

Moreover, this table lamp has three levels of dimming or brightening option. You can control the brightness that suits your eyes and mood. You don’t need to read under the intensity of light that irritates you or hurts your eyes.

Advantages That Will Make You Wish To Buy This Product

The best thing about this LED table lamp or work-desk table lamp is that one doesn’t require to plug in the table lamp. It is rechargeable. A 2000mah lithium-ion battery is the power source of this LED table lamp. The power can last up to several hours. Once, the battery drops downs; one needs to charge the fire with a USB port. We assure you that the light will last at least for 4 hours even when used in high mode. Moreover, the battery will last for 9 hours when in moderate brightness. Interestingly, the battery will last for 17 hours when the light intensity remains at the lowest level.


This lamp is designed in an effortless way that makes your life comfortable. The light is very user-friendly. One doesn’t require to take the help of any tool to handle this. Moreover, like the traditional table lamps, it doesn’t have a switch to turn on and off. Instead, this LED table lamp can be switched on and off with a touch button.

Easy To Install

It is effortless to install. Moreover, it can be placed wherever you want to. It has a stand base. With the help of a stand base, one can quickly put the lamp on top of a study or working table. In addition to this, the table lamp has a clip. With the help of this clip, one can clip it on the desk. Moreover, this lamp also has a 360-degree adjustment. You can rotate the light according to your need.

LED Table Lamp: Product Details

The table lamp is of PVC plastic. It’s Battery Capacity is 2000 mAh. The voltage of this table lamp is Voltage: DC 5V. Moreover, this has a Luminous Flux of 300 LM with a capacity of 2000 mAh.

LED Table Lamp: Conclusion

If you are a bibliophile or a workaholic, this table lamp is the best thing that you can choose. Its stylish and comfortable design will make you wish to focus more on your work.

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