Buddha Stick Incense Holder

Buddha Stick Incense Holder

An incense holder is an important part of Buddhist culture. Buddhist monks always burn incense during their prayers or worships. There are many incense holders available in the market, but none are made in such a way that they collect the ashes. This results in creating a mess on the surface below. What if we tell you that we have a unique incense holder that you can use for burning your Buddha sticks, holding them, and also collecting the ashes? Grab this amazing incense holder form beabuddhist.net now!

Buddha Stick Incense Holder

Features Of This Incense Holder

This pretty boat-shaped incense holder looks like a vintage piece of artifact. It is made from ceramic and has a beautiful design to hold incense sticks. It can be placed in a meditation room, living room, bedroom, office, or yoga studios. This holder is a skillfully crafted piece that oozes traditional vibes. It works as lovely room décor. It is made from ceramic material and features dimensions of 22 cm x 4.5 cm x 4 cm.

An incense holder is very convenient to light a buddha stick because many times, people insert the sticks in some edges, which leads to many accidents or burning incidents. Holding these lighted sticks in a proper holder prevents them from falling anywhere or burning your hands accidentally. Moreover, often these holders have two or three holes where you can place many sticks at once to create a strong aroma.

This holder has a unique boat-shaped bowl-like holder to contain all the burnt ash. This prevents the ash from falling elsewhere and creating a mess. The mess of the ash on the table collected from burning an incense stick is often difficult to clean, and with this holder, you can easily dispose of it.

Buddha Stick Incense Holder
Buddha Stick Incense Holder

Uses Of An Incense Holder


Incense holders are also decorative artifacts for the living rooms or offices. This one has a pretty shape and can enhance the look of your side tables and center tables.


Incense sticks hold a very significant role in Buddhism and Indian cultures. Worshippers light these sticks to get a soothing and fragrant aroma in the area of worship. They believe that lighting an incense stick will ward off negativity and will please their Gods.


Incense sticks contain fragrant substances like sandalwood, jasmine, mogra, and many other flowers and branches. Lighting these sticks spreads a wonderful aroma everywhere. These can ward off bad odor in the surroundings. People generally light incense sticks in houses when they are expecting guests to create a pleasing ambiance.

Unique Gift

If you are looking for a good gift for your near and dear ones, this incense holder will prove to be a thoughtful and cherished gift. It is quite useful and will impress the receiver with your good choice. So hurry up and place your order now. You can now buy this incense holder online from beabuddhist.net. Just browse online and place the order with the click of your mouse.

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