Impermanence: The Benefits Of Meditating And Accepting Inevitability


Impermanence is the thing that we hate to admit but is the eternal truth. Everything is transient and nothing is certain but time that devours us taking us into its grips. Buddhism and many other religions talk about the soul reaching a state of nirvana, to get rid of the cycle of life. So, according to that, life is the trap that we are falling into again and again and we do not realize that our ultimate goal is to make peace with the spiritual energy within and across the universe. To speak scientifically, if you believe that you are made of the same atoms like that of a tree, your death is only a step ahead to free you to the elements, to the universe.

Death Is Imminent And Impermanence Of Life

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Impermanence: The Benefits Of Meditating And Accepting Inevitability
Impermanence: The Benefits Of Meditating And Accepting Inevitability

If we look at the time the earth was born to the day we came, we are here to the time equivalent to that of a blink of the eye for the universe. Many civilizations have come before us and gone. Everybody will die one day and the next generation will take the lead. One day they will die too and the cycle will be going on. It is just a fact of life that we live to die. It is better if we accept it sooner. Meditating on impermanence is very important. It is crucial to understand the fact that we cannot be happy if we do not accept what lies in front of us. Acceptance is needed to fight the depression regarding the impermanence of life.

Anger Is Not The Solution

 We try to hide our vulnerability expressing anger. However, anger is the tool of the weak, it does not provide any permanent solution. We must know that we cannot change things happen. We can only control our actions and reaction to the things happening to us. Meditating on impermanence helps us expect less. If you are having a problem in a relationship because you expect too much and the other person is not able to provide as much, you are in ruins. Buddha said that our desires are the root cause of sadness. We must value the limitation of people and respect our boundaries. We are not capable of everything we want to do.

Accepting Impermanence Through Different Experience

Impermanence: The Benefits Of Meditating And Accepting Inevitability
Impermanence: The Benefits Of Meditating And Accepting Inevitability

 We need to look for different scenarios and experiences that can widen the scope of understanding the inevitability of things. We need to see the real world, its misery, and pain. We should come out of our bubble-like existence and understand the ground reality. But it does not mean that we do not have everything to cheer for or live for. On the contrary, the imminence of death and the impermanence of things make them precious to us and we understand their value even more.

Imagine Deaths Of You Or Your Loved Ones

We all hate to talk about death but every one of us has lost someone or the other in life. To cope with this, we must visualize our death or the death of our loved ones. It makes us accept things a little bit easier. We learn to appreciate people and things even more.

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