How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui


Are you aware of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui? If you are, then you must be aware of the various uses of the statue of Lord Buddha in practice. But, what most people are unaware of is that the various postures of the Buddha statue have various meanings.

In general, placing a Buddha statue is home marks peace and serenity. If you have a hectic lifestyle, it is advisable to place a Buddha statue at home. But which posture should you buy?

In this article, we have explained the meanings of the various postures of a Buddha statue following the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Read the article to have a balanced atmosphere at home and live a peaceful life.

How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui
How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui

Feng Shui Sleeping Buddha

The Sleeping Buddha denotes peace, calm, serenity, and simplicity. This statue lends a soothing, peaceful feng shui energy for your home. If asked what the best place to place this statue is, the ancient practitioners would say that the living room or the hallway close to your bedroom will be the correct place.

Laughing Buddha

As is evident from the name, a Laughing Buddha statue is a symbol of celebration, joy, and abundant energy. The feng shui practitioners say that the ‘Bagua’ area or the ‘money area’ of your home is the best place to keep the Laughing Buddha statue. Besides, placing a Laughing Buddha statue at the entrance of your home spreads a sparkly, happy, and energetic vibe in your home.

Buddha On A Lotus Base

The Buddha on a lotus base statue is a symbol of centering, deeply spiritual, and calming energy. This statue is good for bringing feng shui energy in the southern Bagua area of your home owing to the gold and red colors of the statue. It is also very useful for the northeast or the spiritual growth and cultivation area.

Feng Shui Meditating Buddha

How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui
How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui

Besides looking stunning on the altar, the meditating Buddha statue is good for one’s career growth. It is also helpful in spreading positive energy or the blessings of helpful people in and around your home.

Happy Buddha

The Happy Buddha statue is an excellent addition to your main entry, east, and southeast areas of your home. Also known as Hotei, this classic Buddha statue is a representation of the original Gautama Buddha or Shakyamuni. It is also a Japanese-Shinto of good luck. A symbol of happiness, luck, and prosperity add this Hotei statue to your home to see effective changes in your life.

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2 Pieces Resin Buddha Figurine

A figurine that is perfect for home decor and is the best item to give as a birthday gift or as a souvenir. It is handmade, so the carving has a Sepia effect. The available colors are white, beige, silver and gold. The figure is that of a meditating Buddha, so it will have a positive influence on one’s career growth. Buy this now to see positive changes in your life.

 How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui
How To Use A Buddha Statue In Feng Shui
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