How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation -

How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation

How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation

 Do you perform meditation every day? If yes, then you know that the vital aspect is to sit correctly and maintain the correct posture for meditation.  You need to relax your body by keeping the back straight. You can sit comfortably either on a bench on a chair.

Doing meditation by sitting on the floor also applies. If you will know more details, have a look below:

How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation
How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation

Sit Comfortably In A Chair

Keep the feet in a flat position on the floor, and your back should not touch the chair. If you are short, then your feet might not touch the floor. In such cases, either you can use a short chair or put a pillow under the feet. Place your thighs parallel to the floor. Your spine should be in an upright and unsupported position.

Most of you do not sit in this way in the house. If you have injuries in the back or muscles, you can’t sit straight. In that case, take a firm pillow and keep it between the chair and your back. Thus, the lumbar area of the spine will get support and uphold the natural curvature. Placing a pillow for sitting on the chair can also help you.

Now start doing meditations. In the beginning, do it for a short span and with time, increase the time. This way, the muscles on the back will become strong with each passing day.

Practice Meditation By Sitting On The Floor

In recent times, meditation benches are available readily in the market as more and more people meditate every day. They are an excellent choice for making the legs comfy and keeping the spine straight. You can also use a pillow and sit cross-legged on it. Buying round cushions or crescent-shaped cushions for meditations will help a lot to maintain this position.

Explore Different Options To Sit Comfortably

By sitting in the same position every day for a long time, you will become bored. Thus, opt for another position that will suit your body. Keep in mind that everyone has a different body structure. So, the sitting posture should accord to your structure.

How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation
How To Sit Comfortably In Meditation

Fresh Air And Wool Blanket Are Essential For Meditation

While you are practicing meditation, keep the delicate currents of the earth at bay. You should use a rug or blanket made of wool. Sit on that to meditate every day. You can also use a piece of silk for sitting for meditation.

Besides that, make sure you get ample fresh air during meditation. Thus, choose an open space or a terrace of the house where you will get fresh and cool air. You will feel sleepy if you meditate within a closed room. Do you feel cold? Then it is wise to wrap a meditation shawl made of wool or silk around you. This way, you can stay both warm and fully awake for practicing meditation.

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