How To Practice Music Meditation:


Music is something that everybody loves. It is everywhere, whether it is in the bands and artists you listen to, or the folk music they practice in your culture. Music is something that you may spend your time listening to on public transport or at home while relaxing. Something that we can all agree on is the calming effects that music can have on you. It calms your muscles and relaxes you, and it even slows your breathing down and relieves you of stress. Meditation is a practice used worldwide to center and calm yourself, and it is also a ubiquitous method of stress-relief. Gurus and regular people alike, a lot of people use meditation to calm themselves down, their bodies and minds. This brings us to the question;

What Is Meditation With Music?

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How To Practice Music Meditation
How To Practice Music Meditation

When you take two practices that have incredible benefits for you and combine them, you get the joint benefits. This is the concept that we use for the practice of meditation with music. Meditation with music is a simple form of meditation, which is highly stress-relieving, as it uses the health benefits of both meditation as well as music. Whether you choose one song or work your way up to longer practices, it is very relaxing and very stress-relieving.

Choosing Your Meditation Music:

How To Practice Music Meditation
How To Practice Music Meditation

No set track is meant for meditation with music. What you want to listen to is your personal preference. The only thing to keep in mind while selecting your meditation music is to opt for songs with a slower tempo, preferably without any lyrics. While the song of your choice may be fast-paced (if it is what relaxes you), it is imperative to select a song without lyrics. This will keep your mind distraction-free, and help you focus on your thoughts and relaxation rather than the words of the song.

You may begin your first practice of meditation with music with a single song, and gradually create a playlist for yourself, adding more songs to increase the duration of your mediation with music practice. If it so happens that you do not like the thoughts that come with the song that you have chosen, or if it brings you some unwanted memories and visuals, do not hesitate to change the music. The practice aims to relax you, not stress you out even further.

The Process Of Meditations With Music:

While practicing meditation with music, it is of utmost importance that you are in a very comfortable and relaxed position when you start. The common misconception about meditation is that you must sit in a pretzel position, with your legs folded and crossed, and your hands on your knees. However, the truth about meditation is that you must sit in any position which is comfortable for you. Make sure to loosen your muscles; let go of the tension in your back, shoulders, limbs, stomach, etc.

Aside from this, make a conscious effort to focus on the present moment, facilitated by the calming music. Allow the music to seep through you, and in the process, allow it to relax you. For any thoughts that may arise, let them surpass you and focus your attention back on the music. Meditation with music is essentially the art of being, where nothing else matters, and you are just you, calm and relaxed.

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