How Many Buddhists In The World?

How Many Buddhists In The World?

Almost 588 million people practice Buddhism in the world. China has the largest population of Buddhists. Buddhism believes in the mantra of “Om Shanti.” It is said to be science-related to mind. Meditation is the way to get rid of problems. It helps to reduce stress and negativity. Buddhism and its teachings can be a life-changing experience for many. Buddhism teaches mental and inner peace.

How Many Buddhists In The World?
How Many Buddhists In The World?

Gautama Buddha A Spiritual Guru

Buddha was a spiritual guru born with the name Siddhartha Gautama. He inspired many with his philosophies and teachings. He was the son of a king. However, he never saw the pain of people and was unaware of the reality of life. One beautiful day he left his palace and saw the sufferings of the people living in his kingdom. He finally realized that all the luxury he possesses is worthless. With deep meditation under the Bodhi Tree, he got answers to all his questions. And he decided to quit the luxurious life and lead a simple animation to know the truth of his existence.

Buddha, The Enlightened One

Buddha at the age of 35, he achieved a state of enlightenment. It is said lord Bramha convinced Buddha to teach others. He decided to teach others different ways to end their suffering. For 45 years he kept teaching people the truth and reality of life. Along with five ascetic people who became Buddha’s followers. He told his followers to live a balanced life and called it the ‘Middle Way.’

Four Noble Truths Of Life

  1. Symptoms– always understand the nature of your suffering and pain. It is also called as Dukkha. When one is living in this world. He\she has to suffer the pain due to wants.
  2. Cause – there is always a cause of the pain in life. One should understand and diagnose the illness. It is seen suffering is always caused by wants. And wants are endless.
  3. Possibility – there is always a way to overcome the pain. It depends on an individual’s willingness and power to overcome the pain. If one realise3s the cause of the pain, there is a possibility to overcome the pain.
  4. Follow The Eightfold Path – there are eightfold paths one can follow to overcome suffering.  One should have the right understanding of the situation.

The Eight-Fold Paths

  1. Right of speech
  2. The Right to believe
  3. Right to resolve
  4. Right to action
  5. The Right to livelihood
  6. Right to effort
  7. Right to thought
  8. The Right to meditation.

These are the ways one can reduce the suffering of life. Buddha always said no one had seen the future. Past is gone; what is only left with us is the present. Live in the present and follow the middle way to attain nirvana.

How Many Buddhists In The World?
How Many Buddhists In The World?


The best way to help oneself is to be aware of the thoughts. The teaching of Buddha helps one know the real meaning of life. It explains that everyone is equal in this world. One should understand the feelings of others and should always be ready to help others in pain. Through meditation and deep breathing, one can quickly get rid of negativity.

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