How Can The Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?

How Can Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?

The word depression is still considered a taboo in the society. However, it is quite common in today’s time. Just like that, cures or remedies are also numerous. But there is a significant question in everyone’s mind. How can Buddhism help me fight depression? Because depression and Buddhism can’t exist together. As it is a way to enlighten the mind and body. So, let us answer the question of how can Buddhism help me?

What Is Buddhism?

With a history of 2500 years, Buddhism is a religion. And the originator of Buddhism is Siddhartha Gautama. He is popularly known as Buddha. Moreover, it also numerous followers all over the world. Buddhism originated in Southeast Asia, but its roots are spreading in the West as well. The religion of Buddhism does not follow any superior god. The followers of Buddhism do not have a particular symbol. But usually, a lotus or a Swastika is used to represent it.

How Can Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?
How Can Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?

History Of Buddhism

The founder of Buddhism was Gautama Buddha. He was born in a very wealthy family, and he lived around the 5th century BC. But he left everything to lead a simple life. However, Gautama Buddha passed away in 483 BC. But his followers kept his teachings alive. Apart from that, King Ashoka also became a follower of Buddhism. And after that, the religion flourished in the region of India. King Ashoka built many Buddhist monasteries also. But the spread of Islam pushed Buddhism into back foot.

Causes Of Depression

Depression is not a natural state to understand. Moreover, the causes and reasons are also sometimes full of complexities. Therefore, it is essential to look out for the symptoms and not ignore them. Depression can be due to some chronic disease or severe trauma. However, it is mostly due to psychological and mental issues. And these can be due to the loss of a loved one or loneliness. Sometimes many small problems add up to and result in anxiety and stress.

Moreover, it is not age-specific as the symptoms of depression are observed in kids as well as older adults. Physical and emotional abuse in a relationship is also the main reason behind depression these days.

How Can Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?
How Can Buddhism Help Me Fight Depression?

Ways To Cure Depression By Buddhism

Buddhism is not just a religion, and it is a way of living. It teaches the person to live life in the simplest and most basic way possible. Therefore, it keeps the follower away from unnecessary worldly desires. Because failure in fulfilling these desires also pushes the person into depression. Apart from that, meditation is an integral part of Buddhism. Meditation provides freedom from negativities like anger, stress, anxiety, and desires. Moreover, by meditation, it is easy to attain a mental state of happiness and satisfaction.


There are numerous remedial ways to cure or fight depression. People usually take long sessions with psychiatrists and have different types of medications. However, the idea of living in Buddhism can end the misery by the roots. Living with simplicity, being satisfied, and content are the characteristics of followers of Buddhism. And mediation adds up the process of freedom from depression. So, it answers the central question of how can Buddhism help me in distress.

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