Core Beliefs In Buddhism - Core Beliefs In Buddhism -

Core Beliefs In Buddhism

Core Beliefs In Buddhism

Beliefs of Buddhism are basically the teachings imparted through the Buddhist philosophy. They can be broadly listed as below.

Beliefs Of Buddhism

There are three basic segmentations under which the core beliefs of Buddhism can be categorized –

The Four Noble Truths

Core Beliefs In Buddhism
Core Beliefs In Buddhism

The First Noble Truth is that sufferings and dissatisfaction is present all across the world and experienced by every living being.

The Second Noble Truth says that the reasons behind the sufferings and dissatisfactions are attachments and desire.

The Third Noble Truth tells us that there is also an end to all the sufferings and the dissatisfactions.

Finally, the Fourth Noble Truth tells us about the Noble Eightfold Path that will lead towards the end of all these sufferings.

Noble Eightfold Path

Core Beliefs In Buddhism
Core Beliefs In Buddhism

The following needs to be done to walk the path.

First Fold

First, see the truth. Don’t give in to delusions and distortions. See everything for what they truly are. This will allow you to develop your wisdom and you will understand how the universe works, and have knowledge about yourself as well as others.

Second Fold

Second, is developing the right thinking. You must lead a life that is full of love and compassion. You should not give in to petty self-centers thoughts and cravings. You should always do the right thing.

Third Fold

Third, is about always speaking the truth and never to deceit, lie or hurt anyone through speech. Also, you should not waste your speech. Kindness and benevolence are needed and you should not harm anyone.

Fourth Fold

The fourth step is to lead a life where you show the highest conduct. You should always be honest and peaceful and never hurt anyone. You need to have compassion and pure intention for all.

Fifth Fold

The fifth is about choosing the livelihood that does not harm any other being or makes it impossible to lead a virtuous and decent life. Your occupation should be such that it never causes anyone suffering or pain. Your work should make the world better.

Sixth Fold

Sixth is to maintain a balance between leading a moderate life and following the spiritual path. You should constantly strive for the balance.

Seventh Fold

Seventh is to be aware of your thoughts, body, and mind. Always ensure that your thoughts, emotions, and actions are bringing all lives together. You should not be self-centered and be aware of the reality that your thoughts and actions are creating.

Eighth Fold

Eights step is to perform deep meditation. Meditation helps discipline the mind, the soul, the body and thoughts. You need to meditate such that you are able to love all being.

The Five Precepts

These are ethical guidelines for anyone who follows Buddhism. It is more like a guideline rather than a commandment from any God. The aim is to reduce all sufferings and create a harmonious relationship. The following are the Five Percepts –

  • Percept to never destroy any living being
  • Second, Percept to never take that which has not been given
  • Percept to never perform any sexual misconduct
  • Forth, Percept to never speak incorrectly
  • Percept to never indulge in any form of the intoxicating substance

These form the core beliefs of Buddhism.

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