Candle Holders Geometric Nordic Style

Candle Holders Geometric Nordic Style

Candle holders in the geometric Nordic style have greater significance than just appealing décor pieces. These are believed to have a calming effect on you and other members of your family. If you have been looking for beautiful candle holders in the Nordic style, then we have just the right ones for you.

Candle Holders Geometric Nordic Style

Features Of These Candle Holders Geometric Nordic Style

These unique candle holders have scented candles that can be used for home or office. These pretty candles can match the Nordic theme of your home décor. One holder features a dimension of 13 cm x 10.5 cm x 8.5 cm. The cup size is approximately 6.7 cm x 5.5 cm. The holders are made from metal. The holders are very tough and do not lose shape easily. They have a sturdy built and beautiful finesse.

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What Is The Use Of These Candle Holders?

These Nordic style candle holders have a geometric shape. They are not like any regular candle holder but have a lot of spiritual significance. These are said to bring about a lot of positive vibes into your homes and surroundings. They also have a very pretty shape and you can place them on your side tables or center tables as décor pieces.

One set contains three candle holders. You can choose which scent you want in your living room or bedroom. You can also place the candle holders in your office. They are believed to bring about wealth and prosperity into your premises. You can place it on your working desks. The candles can be used as paperweights or as décor pieces too. You can place them in your children’s room too. The lovely scented aroma will bring in a whiff of positive vibes into your children’s rooms.

Candle Holders Geometric Nordic Style

Other Uses

These stunning looking holders can also be placed in your bathrooms for a fresh smell and a beautiful look. Putting scented candles in your bathrooms helps you dispel unpleasant aroma. The candle also helps you set the right mood if you are planning a bubble bath. All you need to do for some relaxation is to light these candles near your bathtub, put on some nice music and just get into lukewarm water in the tub.

Another use of these Nordic style candle holders is as a gifting item. If you are looking for a useful and appreciable gift for your near and dear ones, then these candle holders make a great choice. They not only look beautiful as a décor item but also bring about a calming effect on the recipient. You can gift these candles as the best of luck gift for someone’s house warming party, a new job or any other such occasion.

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