Buddhist Symbols And Their Significance

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Buddhism is a philosophy as well as a religion that discloses various beliefs, traditions, and teachings given by Buddha. There are 8 major Buddhist symbols which are picked from Mahayana traditions.

Numerous signs were named as the Buddhist symbols after the discourse on the religion by the followers of Buddha. And all Buddhist symbols represent the teaching of Gautam Buddha. These symbols are vividly used in architecting the Buddhist temples and monasteries. Here is the list of eight auspicious symbols and their meanings in Buddhism:

1. Lotus Flower

Amazingly, there is a varied meaning of different colored lotus in Buddhism. The lotus represents inner strength of growth, purity, and wisdom. The way a lotus lives his life by growing up in the mud, a human being can be enlightened by inculcating wisdom. One can remain pure and spread positivity without leaving the practical aspects of life.

2. Golden Fishes:

Two golden fishes with their mouth downwards symbolize the suffering in the vast ocean. It is one of the great teachings of the Buddha. People living on the planet will have to suffer. However, they need to build the courage to end suffering and live freely like these two golden fishes.

3. The Victory Banner:

The banner of victory teaches to win over all your negative emotions. It represents the winning of Buddha over selfishness, anxiety, anger, craving, fear, ignorance, lust, pride, and hatred. One can achieve this state by following Buddha’s teachings regularly.

4. Wheel of Dharma:

The wheel of Dharma is also known as the Dharma Chakra. It contains eight spokes which denote the eightfold path of Buddhism. These principles help a person to end sufferings and get free from the process of rebirth. Among all Buddhist symbols, the Dharma wheel became the symbol of Buddhism. You can find it in almost all Buddhist sculptures.

5. Endless Knot

The endless knot is also known as Knot of Eternity or Mandala. This Buddhist symbol is interpreted in two different ways. One says that everything in life is interconnected while other describes dharma as the never-ending path. There is always space to gain more knowledge, achieve more wisdom, and cultivate the truth.

6. An Umbrella:

As the nature of the umbrella, this Buddhist symbol represents the cool shades that one will achieve after practicing Buddhism. This symbolizes that the teachings of Buddha will provide protection from evil and end the suffering.

7. The Conch Shell:

The conch shell having a spiral to the right is rare to find. So, it symbolizes the value of teaching of Lord Buddha because these teachings are rare to attain. The conch shells have a great history as they were used to battle horns and known as the Shankha. Now, these have become the voice of spreading Buddhism.

8. Treasure Vase:

This Buddhist symbol represents empty lives. It is up to you what you fill in the vase. Buddha taught that the treasure should be filled with the ultimate happiness, unending satisfaction, good health, and prosperity. And all such things can only be achieved after attaining the stage of enlightenment.

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