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Buddhism: The Truth About Religion

Buddhism: The Truth About Religion

Buddhism is not a religion. Buddhism is a philosophical alternative to religion. It rejects religious and moral principles and simply says that all phenomena are impersonal, undifferentiated and impermanent. It does not offer any kind of intrinsic value to man’s experience or spirituality.

Religion finds in the real world an object or means to create unity between the gods and men. Buddhism is nothing of the sort. The Buddha was quite opposed to religion and held that religion is an invented virtue. Buddhism does not even have a canon or set of holy scriptures to serve as the basis for its unity and spirituality.

Know About Buddha

When the Buddha died, the lotus flower did not flourish and when the Buddha attained Nirvana, the lotus flower did not wither. It is believed that the Buddha never faded away but remained permanently there because his consciousness never died.

Buddhism: The Truth About Religion
Buddhism: The Truth About Religion

Buddhism recognizes no absolute truth, only the relative truth that is relative. The Buddha said that life is a dream life is a joyful life.

Life does not exist in the womb of some absolute reality and it does not end with the utter annihilation of the self, but life continues and is a cause of joy and bliss. The life of the mind and spirit is devoid of negativity and not filled with stress.

The quality of a dream is not the knowledge of the truth, but knowledge of the ignorance of reality. So, neither the Buddha nor any of his followers believed in absolute truth, only the relative truth that is relative. Any religious belief in a god or heaven is only a religious belief in a false reality. Religion is a tool of repression and wishful thinking.

What Does Buddhism Believes In?

Religion is conditioned by the social and economic conditions which give rise to a feeling of religion. Buddhism rejects all beliefs in God and believes that the basic needs of human beings can be satisfied by self-cultivation and self-help. The world is empty of any reference to God and it does not try to provide one.

Religion is always attached to something. Whenever you mention God, the mind immediately goes to something. You could mention God or Buddha and all your thoughts immediately go to religion. The Buddha taught nothing about a god or religion.

Buddhism: The Truth About Religion
Buddhism: The Truth About Religion

Buddhism does not believe in anything outside us. It does not believe in God or religion either. But, it does believe in the four noble truths. These truths are suffering, the origin of suffering, the way to eliminate suffering, and the ultimate goal of life – Nibbana. Buddha himself taught nothing about these four truths and they were only learned later.

Suffering does not exist. Life is not a dream. You are neither dead nor alive but are rather an individual with a definite ego. There is no reality to life but your self, your individuality.

Life is not a means of gaining salvation or attaining salvation but a means of self-realization and self-cultivation, an eternal fact like atoms, space and time. It is an inner fact not external.

Bottom Line

Christianity in itself is nothing but a particular culture, a particular religion, and an intellectual system. Buddhism cannot be modified or altered. Therefore, it can be called a true religion. There is no other religion that can fit into this category. All religions except Buddhism are the product of another religion.

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