Buddhism and Its Core Values: Explained

Buddhism as a religion has a set of core values. These core values help in binding religious beliefs. Disciples and followers of Buddhism depend on these core values to understand Buddhism. They share their knowledge through these values to others. The core values constitute three different sets, which are:

  • The Four Noble Truth
  • The Noble Eightfold Path
  • The Five Aggregates

These different sets of values help a person learn about Buddhism. In the recent past, Buddhism has been noted as the most followed religion in Tibet. If you ever visit Tibet then you’ll get to learn about their approach towards the teachings of Buddha. While the core values being the same all across the world, here we discuss more the three sets of values of Buddhism.

Buddhism and Its Core Values: Explained

The Four Noble Truths

  • All of human existence is suffering – As we all are born as a human, we have our part of sufferings to bear.
  • The cause of suffering is craving – We all suffer as we crave for things which are not within our reach.
  • Suffering ends with the end of craving – The day we stop craving is the day our sufferings end. We must limit our cravings.
  • There is a path that ends sufferings – Only we can end our sufferings and there is a path to do so. We need to follow the path which ends our sufferings.

The Noble Eightfold Path

  • You truly understand something when you understand the Four Noble Truths – Self-realization and understanding develop in a person when he or she accepts the Four Noble Truths.
  • Thoughts full of kindness, love, and selflessness are the right thoughts – You need to get rid of that self-love and selfish behavior. Once you learn to be kind and spread love, there will be no more pain in your life.
  • Do not abuse, lie, spread hate – Your speech is your kindness towards others. The right speech is the one without lies, hate, abuse and blames.
  • Sexual misconduct, murder, and theft are not right actions – The actions which do not harm anyone are the only right actions.
  • Engaging in work which helps you and others – The right livelihood is obtained through engaging oneself with work that is beneficial for you and others.
  • Practicing the Noble Eightfold Path – The right things for you will come your way if you follow the Noble Eightfold Path properly.
  • Right mindfulness – To obtain mindfulness you must follow the pattern of yourself and your surroundings without judging them.
  • Meditation through a concentration – Concentration is the key to gain inner peace through meditation.
Buddhism and Its Core Values: Explained

The Five Aggregates

The five aggregates of Buddhism are the five basic aspects of human life. In Tibet, most people heavily depend on these aggregates. Through Buddhism, we tend to understand and recognize these aspects. The five aggregates of core values are:

  • Form – It refers to the physical form. Things you can touch and feel.
  • Sensation – The senses which allow us to see, feel, taste, hear and smell.
  • Mental Formation – The filters built inside our brain.
  • Perception – It is the mental understanding of the senses.
  • Consciousness – The sense of awareness.
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