Buddha’s Philosophy On Gratitude

Buddhism is based on many various principles, teachings, and philosophies. If you are new to Buddhism and want to implement some of its teachings you can start off slow. One golden rule that you can implement in everyday life is gratitude.

Buddha also said that gratitude simply means thanking each and every living as well as the non-living things in your life. Let’s get to know the views of Buddha on gratitude.

What Is Gratitude In Buddhism?

In Buddhism, the value of ‘giving’ is at the top. Buddha taught that even if you have little, you should give. It creates a feeling of compassion all around the world as you all are connected directly or indirectly, it becomes your universal duty to spread kindness and experience the dependent organization. And gratitude has a direct connection in spreading compassion in the form of giving thanks.

Why Do You Need To Practice Gratitude?

It is very easy to be grateful for something which is good, beautiful, and wonderful. But you should also feel great towards your problems and shortcomings. Practicing gratitude eliminates greed in you and removes the sense of not having enough.

You should not take your existence for granted, and feel fundamentally grateful for everything that takes place in life. You should practice gratitude for the following reasons:

  • It is an essential component of spirituality. Not for the spiritual enlightenment only but also to seek universal help.
  • It develops patience and evolves thinking that every problem is temporary.

How To Apply Gratitude In Your Day To Day Life?

Unlike other spiritual practices, applying gratitude is quite simple and easy. In fact, it is not even time consuming and does not require any particular process to follow. It simply requires feeling ‘thank you.’

You should understand that there is a big difference in just saying thank you and feeling thank you. In everyday life, ‘thank you’ has been so formal and become an automatic footnote for everything. Saying thank you doesn’t mean that you are feeling gratitude towards that particular person or thing. Gratitude is a feeling, not just words.

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