5 Interesting Buddhist Quotes On Love

buddhist quotes on love

When we love, we often think of it as a name. It is the name of the feelings we have towards someone. However, it is wrong because it is never a noun but a verb. It is an act of cultivation.

Lord Buddha has the best quotes about everything. Let us help you with these Buddhist quotes on love. With these words, we hope to enlighten you with the best knowledge. Focus on its true meaning and start over again. So let’s begin the journey of understanding about love in terms of Buddhists.

Buddha Quotes on Love

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1. What is love?

Most people do not realize that love is also kindness. It is sad to see relationships fail because the two do not know how to be gentle and respectful of one another.

Always remember the word karma. With these Buddhist quotes on love, whatever you give will go back to your hundred folds. Let your heart shine on your partner so he would also do the same on you.

2. How much can I love?

Losing and winning are always present in our lives. In love, there are losers and winners too. On it, you must not be gentle on how you do it. Cultivate the good and let go of the bad.

Love what you can and do not hurt anyone. Do it as gently as you can and let go of things that are not meant for you.

3. Who is deserving of your love?

Do not search far and wide for somebody who will receive your heart. These Buddhist quotes on love will teach you to reserve for yourself first. No one is more worthy than you.

4. How can doubt destroy you?

Doubt can destroy any healthy relationship. If you want to keep anything you have now, refrain from having it. Poison should not be welcome because it will slowly kill anything in its way.

5. Why is judgment a burden?

Love is not only about the opposite sex. It is not only about the boy sitting next to you or the girl in the store; it is also about yourself. Do not beat yourself with judgment. The world is already too cruel, be kinder more importantly to yourself.


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Buddhists have a whole different way of thinking in regards to their philosophy. However, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong and we are right, or vice versa. Especially when it comes to love, it’s not something that you can put into words and it’s different for everyone. The reason is that love is a feeling, and we love from the heart. Rather than thinking about it, we feel it. Hence the different reasons and explanations of people regarding the matter.

What is important, however, is that the perception of love remains the same. The unconditional love that can make a person lose all sense of selfishness and act selfless towards a person or persons that they would not normally think of doing. Buddhist quotes are samples of love given from another perspective altogether.

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