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5 Buddhist Quotes on Life That Will Change Your Life

Many of us take Buddhist quotes on life as a reference and view Buddhism as a philosophy of life rather than a religion. This is because few spiritual teachings have captivated us in this way, few ancestral practices have produced so many individual transformations and, in turn, have produced such positive changes in consciousness.

The reason Buddhism has so many followers is because of its simplicity. How these messages are conveyed is so full of wisdom that we are encouraged to improve our quality of life. So from a psychological point of view, it can be said that the effects on our emotional wellbeing are immense. Not only does it encourage us to regulate our stress and anxiety levels. Besides, it favours the inner journey, on which one works on self-knowledge, personal fulfilment.

To benefit from its principles, we need to open our hearts. Perform an openness with enthusiasm to deal with this type of philosophy. So there is nothing better than pondering these quotes of the Buddha.

1. Pain and suffering are not the same things

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“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.


Let’s pause for a moment about the gist of this message. The first question we ask ourselves may be: what is the difference between pain and suffering? Well, we must first of all understand that pain is something real and legitimate. If I get hit or hurt, I will feel pain. If my partner leaves me, I will feel irreversible pain for that absence.

However, suffering refers to the negative emotional charge that we carry in our backpack for an extended period. For example, I may suffer from this separation or assignment for a limited time: the grieving process’s length for my partner’s abandonment. If I extend it beyond this period, I will lose a quality of life.

Likewise, and taking into account that people can only be harmed by what is important to us, avoiding useless suffering can simply be to step back, be emotionally detached, and look at things from a different perspective. Pain is physical and inevitable, but suffering is a choice, it depends on us, on our thoughts and emotions.

It takes practice and time to accomplish, but it deserves this great learning. As a guide for this is another sentence by the Buddha that can serve as a reference to get started: “Everything we are is the result of what we have thought; It is based on our thoughts and consists of our thoughts. “

 2. Learn to live in the present

“Rejoice, because every place is here and every moment is now.” 


Our spirit loves to feed on the past, it lives on nostalgia for what could not be. Another shortcoming is anticipating the future and worrying about aspects that have not yet occurred. This causes us not to live in the moment and our life to pass without even realizing it. Buddhism teaches us to focus on the here and now. So we have to learn to be present and enjoy every moment as if it were the only one.

3. Wholeness is in unity

“Take care of the outside as well as the inside, because everything is one.”


To find a true state of wellbeing, the mind and body must be in balance. If there is one thing we all know, then we live in a society that elevates the physical aspect. A world in which it favors this separation from the inner world because what matters is the appearance, not the essence.

Let’s change focus; think about one of the best Buddha quotes every day to regain that oneness. Connect body and soul, skin and emotions, body and brain, presence, and heart. In this way, and by achieving an optimal balance between all these dimensions, we feel fuller and more conscious of the here and now and enable a richer emotional fullness.

A great way to make this connection is through meditation and yoga.

 4. Life is not a flat road; prepare your resources

“Better to wear slippers than carpet the world.”


Not all roads that we will travel in this life will be carpeted. Not all options will be easy, nor will we find a bridge in every difficulty. We often find very rough and steep paths in our everyday lives. There is no comfort. Hence, we need to be prepared with our shoes and our resources.

This is undoubtedly one of the most interesting Buddha idioms in which he encourages us to realize that life requires overcoming potholes. So nothing better than being prepared.


Buddhism is among the oldest religion in the world. It originated from India, and it is over 1000 year old. The life of a Buddhist is a simple one based on the teachings of the religion.

Learning the way a Buddhist lives can help you have an improved life because it will simplify the way you live. We have looked at simple quotes from Buddhist scholars that will improve your life if you utilize them.

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