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15 Minute Meditation Guide On YouTube To Find Peace

meditation guide youtube

Youtube is one of the most influential parts of the internet today. Kids and adults frequent this site to search or to watch anything that they need. However, there are negative things on it too. It also has the most beautiful contents, like the meditation guide youtube.

The meditation guide could be 15 minutes or longer, depending on your choice. Accordingly, it is so helpful when it comes to easing anxiety and stress. Find your balance once again through it.

To help you out, we have made a meditation guide for you lifted from Youtube. Let us help you fight the effects of the pandemic and once again free your inner self.

Why is mediation useful?

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Mediation has been long practiced since ancient times. Many people are into it today; they are enjoying their different forms, such as yoga. However, some are still skeptical of its benefits.

According to Web MD, meditation’s advantages are even backed by Science. It said that the relaxation process is easy to do, and it does not need any therapist. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

Stress and Anxiety are what the meditation removes. It helps lower blood pressure, improves heart rate and brain waves. All of these are important when dealing with the prior two.

Meditation guide youtube

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1. Find a peaceful space.

To begin your journey, you need the right spot. It must be free of distractions. Notably, it can be a small space as long as you fit in.

2. Sit down and ready your breathing. Play the meditation guide youtube.

Sit down now. Before you drift, play the youtube guide. It will help you become more focused on your breathing. Listen carefully to its instructions.

3. Feel your breathing.

Follow how your breathing goes in and out. Let it slow down. Listen to it and adjust.

4. Check your mind.

Your mind will wander as your breathing deepens. Let it be. Just go back to yourself from time to time.

5. Be kind to yourself.

Wherever your mind drifts, do not beat yourself about it. That is normal. Just go back to number four after.

6. Close with kind thoughts.

In this part, we will end the meditation guide youtube. Please keep your eyes close as it makes the ending notes. Open it afterward and gaze on. You will notice a significant change in you.


By following the meditation guide above, you may consider it the first step to achieving harmony within yourself and your surroundings. The meditation guide will be the gateway to future meditation methods that you can explore by yourself or with friends. Not only does it have healthy side effects in your body, but it also calms your mind and makes you think clearer.

With so many meditation guides out there, it’s no surprise that it has gone viral on YouTube, and a lot of gurus are using it as a platform to promote themselves but, more importantly, promote meditation to be used in the entire globe.

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